Bingo Caller

Bingo Caller was developed as a solo project where the goal was creating an Andriod app to be used in online Bingo games. It is a simple tool used to conduct quick games.

For Bingo Caller, the new thing I set out to learn was publishing on the Google Play Store.

Major Accomploishments

  • Created a specialty Bingo variant

  • Published to the Google Play Store

Bingo Variant

This variant was made specifically at the client's request to be used to select one winner when every number in a row of the sheet had been called. This system required a two-step process, the first checks for when a number is called and fills it in and the second checks every number in the row. To make this process as optimized as possible, I had the number call the row checker. This allowed for only the necessary row to be looked at.

What I Learned

This project's major flaw is the GUI. I had not fit GUI to a mobile device before, but I was able to use the Unity Device Simulator to look at the app with multiple resolutions. The length of the Bingo Caller's numbers overflowed on some devices, so if I were to redo this app I would create a more modular system for creating each number.